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We are a premier therapy provider exclusively dedicated to the long-term care industry. Our guiding principle is simple yet profound: to seamlessly integrate our therapy services into the facilities we serve, ensuring a continuum of care that exceeds expectations. What sets us apart is our exceptional team – a group of skilled, innovative, compassionate, and ethically-driven individuals. This synergy propels our departments and staff to the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for excellence along the way.


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Ultimate Therapy combines expertise and innovation to deliver a comprehensive range of professional solutions, fostering a dynamic and patient-centric environment. Our comprehensive range of professional solutions ensures a holistic and seamless approach to therapeutic care and operational excellence.

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Ultimate Therapy Services is proud to service an expansive portfolio of skilled nursing facilities across the United States.

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PT, OT and Nursing worked very hard with me to reach my goals. Therapy went the extra mile to get me home safely!
– R.M.

Went the extra mile

The nurses are great. The nurse’s aids are fantastic. They checked in on me frequently and would keep me company when I had trouble sleeping. Therapy was also fantastic and very good. The meals were filling and good.
– Kathleen L.


My grandmother went to here after she fractured her hip. She was there for a short period of time and the care was wonderful. PT/OT was outstanding!! They worked very well with her. This is the only place she will go to for rehab!”
– L.W.

Wonderful care

You listen to your patients! You are knowledgeable in your field. You are compassionate and empathetic to your patients’ needs. Everyone took great care of me. I couldn’t do it on my own. I am very grateful to everyone for getting me better.
– Roberta B.

Compassionate care

Nursing staff–excellent. Love the food menu. Room very clean! Thank you! Therapists– a pleasure to work with.
– Gerald W.

Great staff and food

The care here is outstanding. Very professional. Nurses aides, PT, OT and everyone is very professional and they do their jobs very well.
– William P.

Outstanding care

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